Nursing care services

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The home ensures that the residents receive personal nursing care provided by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, health care attendants and rehabilitation aids. Doctors visit regularly and are available on call.

The services of a pharmacist, of a VON nurse specialized in foot care, of a nurse from the Mental Health Clinic and the services of the Extra-Mural Program for specific cases are available.

The resident is responsible for the cost of any foot care services he receives from the VON nurse.

The resident is also responsible for covering the cost of any medications that are not covered by the Prescription Drug Program.

Palliative Care

The home offers palliative care and the health care team encourages the involvement of a resident’s close relations during this stage of life.


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The Extra-Mural Program professional team offers consultation services and conducts assessments upon request. Any required follow-ups are conducted by the nursing home’s rehabilitation aids. The requests for these services are made by a nurse after a medical consultation.

Food services

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Bon Appetit
The objective of our Food Services department is to offer great tasting, pleasant and safe meals that cater to all of our residents and that remind them, as much as possible, of the meals they would have had at home. There are 3 meals and 2 snacks per day offered. The three main meals of the day are served in the dining area of each unit, which creates a warm atmosphere and also allows residents to socialize during mealtimes. This system allows us to offer our residents a more personalized service, which better meets their individual needs (preferences, texture, portion sizes, etc.). The meals served at the nursing home are based on regional dietary habits and also take into account our residents’ preferences and requests. The menus are visible in each section of the home for the residents and families.

Dietary Department

Clinical nutrition services are offered to all residents to meet their nutritional requirements. All nutritional interventions meet long-term care dietary standards and are supervised by a registered dietitian.

While following Canada’s Food Guide, the 3 week menu cycle takes into account and the preferences of the resident, food allergies and intolerances, therapeutic diet requirements and the presence of dysphagia. The menu is also modified on special holidays, during the Shediac Festival and according to the seasonal availability of food.

A nutritional evaluation is done soon after the admission and regular follow ups are done to ensure that nutritional needs are met. The dietitian works in collaboration with the doctor, the nurse and other team members and aim for optimal nutrition care. Diet changes are discussed with the resident, family members, the doctors and other employees who are involved in the care. The dietitian also works in collaboration with the food service manager in menu planning.

Recreation services

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The Recreation Services’ staff and volunteers, under the supervision of the Recreation Services Manager, organize a variety of leisure activities for all residents to maintain a good quality of life. A monthly activities program is available in the Craft Room. Family members and friends are encouraged to participate in these activities with the resident. A weekly activities program is also posted in the main entrance of the nursing home.

Pastoral care

A chaplain’s services are available to our residents whom also have access to a chapel on site to meet their spiritual needs. Mass is celebrated there once a week. Furthermore, a video camera is set up in the Shediac church and its signal is fed to the Villa Providence to allow residents access to the parish’s religious activities through their own TV or those set up in the lounges. Another video camera is set up in the home’s chapel to allow residents to watch Mass on television from their bedrooms.

Environmental support services


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The housekeeping team takes pride in the cleaning of the residence rooms, dining rooms and all the common areas of the nursing home for a clean and friendly environment.



The home provides laundry services for residents’ personal clothing, which should be machine washable. Upon admission, a resident’s clothing will be labeled by the staff; any additional outfits should be brought to the nurse for labeling. We recommend that each resident have 7-9 outfits to ensure that he is always well dressed.

Maintenance and Security

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The nursing home maintains and repairs its equipment, buildings and property to ensure that the home’s environment is both attractive and safe. The maintenance staff can also take care of some minor repairs or adjustments of equipment required by its residents. All such requests must be made to the nurse in charge of the resident’s wing.


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Residents can enjoy hairdresser or barber services in the hair salon set up for this purpose. For an appointment, please contact the hairdresser at extension 325 or get in touch with the nurse in charge of the resident’s wing.

Our nursing home wings

Accommodating a total of 190 residents, Villa Providence Shediac Inc. consists of six wings, two of which provide specialized care.

« Colombe » :
Provides care to mobile individuals affected by Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.

« Coin des Amis » :
Provides care to individuals that are intellectually disabled or who are affected by a disruptive behavior disorder.

« Providence », Beausoleil, « Grands Cœurs » & « Promenade de Vie » :
Provide care to individuals who have lost their independence.

* The nursing home also has 2 rooms set aside for palliative care.

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels

Family Info


The Villa is closed to all visitors as a prevention to the Covid-19



July 16th, 2020

Dear families and dear friends,

The Villa Providence management team is happy to announce that we are now ready to welcome 2 visitors per family (phase 2) for internal visits to the nursing home as of Monday, July 20, 2020.

Our primary goal is to keep residents safe. For this, as you already know, there are many measures that have been put in place under the directives of Public Health. Compliance with regulations is essential to avoid contamination of residents. If you do not follow the instructions, we may have to ask you to leave and cancel your visits.

The visits will be 45 minutes in length and will take place Monday to Friday (except holidays), from 1:30 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. and if necessary, a second visitation session will be from 2:45 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. We must have a period of at least 30 minutes between groups of visitors to ensure disinfection of the meeting areas.  Visits will be scheduled for one unit daily in order to reduce the risk of contamination between units.

Two family members can come at the same time and can alternate with other family members for the next visit. Please note that according to Public Health guidelines, we will have to stop visits if a resident is to be tested for Covid-19 or if a resident has tested positive for Covid-19.

To make an appointment, contact the recreation department at 532-4484 ext. 309.

During your home visits, you must always respect the following:

Please follow Nursing Home staff directives:



• Wash your hands with alcohol gel as soon as you enter the home.

• We will provide you with a surgical mask to wear throughout the visit.

• You will have to answer a symptom screening questionnaire.

• You will need to have your temperature taken.

• You will need to keep a physical distance of 2 meters from your family member and other residents or families.

• Respect the place assigned to you for visiting your family member, no traffic in the home will be permitted

• Respect the time of your appointment and the visiting time that will be granted to you.  Please arrive 15 minutes in advance for the screening.

• Do not visit if you have symptoms of Covid-19.

  • Do not visit if you have traveled outside the Atlantic provinces

  • Do not visit if you are arriving from another province (other than Atlantic bubble) and if you have not self-isolated for 14 days

• Do not visit if you have been in contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19.

• Do not visit if you have been tested in the past 14 days

• Visit by appointment only (because we must respect the physical distance for visitors too).

• No food or object may be brought directly to residents.

• Washrooms will be closed to visitors unless there is an emergency

We always encourage you to come and see your loved one through their bedroom window, but you must communicate by phone or by the window opening from the top only.  No communication should be made through the open window from the bottom in order to limit the risks.

You can also communicate via Facetime or messenger. Please contact the recreation department at 532-4484 ext. 309 if you need help using these means of communication.



We are currently in an unprecedented predicament and we would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. We work together to protect your loved ones who are the most vulnerable.

Thank you

Villa Providence team










I want to start by saying that the care and concern for each resident was IMPECCABLE each day of our four day visit in May.  Not only were the care givers as tender toward each resident, but also the same way to my wife and I as visitors.  Everyone was so welcoming to us that it made our visit so much more enjoyable.


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