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On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Comfort Life Network, we want to take this
opportunity to recognize all our employees during this coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, our workers in our various nursing home facilities and seniors’ residences are on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. They work tirelessly during this unprecedented
crisis. Our doctors, nurses, licensed practical nurses, resident attendants, and all our other
staff who support resident care are up to the task and take care of our most vulnerable residents.

Thank you to all the employees of the Villa du Repos Inc., the Villa Providence Shediac Inc., Le Complexe rendez-vous Inc., MacDonald Center for Independent Living Inc. and to all the employees of our residential complexes for the sacrifices you make every day and especially during this pandemic. Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deep gratitude
and admiration. Your service saves countless lives and makes all the difference.

The Comfort Life Network Board of Directors.




Family Info


The Villa is closed to all visitors as a prevention to the Covid-19

October 21st, 2020

To all our dear family members:

We know you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and the impact it could have on us at Villa Providence Shediac Inc. Our top priority is to make sure residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment.

To date, there are no positive Covid-19 results in our nursing home and we are working to keep it that way.  We are closed to all visitors until further notice from Public Health. We will not be able to open, even if the province returns to a yellow zone, until we receive the instructions to follow from public health.

We always encourage you to come and see your loved one through their bedroom window, but you should communicate by phone only. No communication should be made through the open window, in order to limit the risks.  The doors of the parks will be open Monday through Friday between 10-4PM to allow you to get to the bedroom window and possibly on the weekend as well.

We will keep you abreast of recommendations from the provincial government as they may continue to evolve. Our nursing home is in close contact with the local public health department and also follows its advice.

Sincerely,The Villa Providence Shediac Inc team




What are the staff?
They are the warmth that bring the sunshine into the Villa and make it a home;
Their nature is gentle and kind, thoughts caring and smiles tender;
They understand what the clients do not say and know how very much love is needed and tender loving care.
The staff at the Villa re the more and mean more than they will ever know the residence of the Villa.
They are Their Life Line - - - Family!

Joanne Cook

The Villa Providence Fondation

The Foundation Providence Inc. is a charitable foundation dedicated to raising funds to help seniors, people with physical or mental disabilities and all other institutions whose mission is to serve the most disadvantaged in society.

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