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The life of each resident is enriched by the active involvement of our volunteers.

Anyone interested in volunteering their time, is encouraged to contact the Recreation Services Manager.


"Allow your great work to be guided by your service to others.” ―by Mollie Marti

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Internal visits

June 15th, 2021

Dear families and dear friends,

With the arrival of summer weather, you will now be allowed to take your family member out for car rides as of Monday June 21, 2021. This will be allowed once a week in addition to the regular weekly visit in the nursing home 😊.  Only the designated support persons will be allowed to take the resident for their outing. The outing should be limited to contact with the other designated support person, a car ride, and drive-through meals. The staff of Villa Providence will do a risk assessment on your planned outing in order to avoid the risk of potential exposures.

We must comply with Public Health standards. You will need to wear your mask and make sure the resident is 6 feet away from others during your outing. You are responsible for the transfer in the car if your family member cannot transfer themselves.

You must schedule your weekly car outings at 532-4484 ext. 309. Your outing will take place Monday through Friday from 10:30 AM to 3:30 AM except for diabetics on insulin (hours to be discussed during appointment scheduling for diabetics).  Before you leave the nursing home with your loved one, we need to do your screening and temperature and then we will bring your family member to the door for you to go out together. Your family member will need to be back at the nursing home by 3:30 PM.

We are happy that with the arrival of the vaccine, health measures will ease, and we can all return to a more normal situation. We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. We work together to protect your loved ones who are the most vulnerable.

Thank you

Management Team Villa Providence Shediac Inc


It is important to note that we struggled at times whether to move dad to live closer to us, the deciding factor was always that dad was “home”, he was surrounded by his culture and familiar voices. It wasn’t until last week that we knew just how much this was to be true, it was far more than just culture and familiar voices, it was the gentle caress, caring words, soft kisses and warm embraces that he was able to experience in every moment.

Joël & Nadine

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