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The life of each resident is enriched by the active involvement of our volunteers.

Anyone interested in volunteering their time, is encouraged to contact the Recreation Services Manager.


"Allow your great work to be guided by your service to others.” ―by Mollie Marti

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October 12th, 2021

To all our dear family members:

The Moncton / Shediac region is still affected by a high number of Covid-19 cases and with the arrival of the Delta variant, our vulnerable population is at risk.  Therefore, we have made the decision to remain close the home to all visitors until October 25th,2021 (end of cycle breaker in our region) and we will reassess thereafter.

We can only allow visitors for compassionate reasons, such as end of life. These cases will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Our top priority is to make sure residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment.  To date, there are no positive Covid-19 results in our nursing home, and we are working to keep it that way. 

We understand that contact with your loved ones is extremely important. There are many other ways to communicate, including phone, and Facebook/ Skype. We are happy to facilitate these communication methods. Please contact Nadine or Nadia at 532-4484 ext 309 if you need help using these means of communication. 

We will keep you informed of recommendations from the provincial government as they may continue to evolve. Our nursing home is in close contact with the local public health department and also follows its advice.  

Sincerely, The Villa Providence Shediac Inc team


It is important to note that we struggled at times whether to move dad to live closer to us, the deciding factor was always that dad was “home”, he was surrounded by his culture and familiar voices. It wasn’t until last week that we knew just how much this was to be true, it was far more than just culture and familiar voices, it was the gentle caress, caring words, soft kisses and warm embraces that he was able to experience in every moment.

Joël & Nadine

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