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Villa Providence Shediac Inc. is a nursing home for people requiring long-term care. The home is a non-profit organization and is managed by a board of directors.

In April of 1970, Villa Providence Shediac Inc. replaced the Providence St-Joseph nursing home, which had belonged to and been managed by the Sisters of Providence since 1911. When it opened its doors, some residents from the Providence St-Joseph were transferred to the Villa Providence Shediac Inc.

Since its opening, Villa Providence Shediac Inc. has met the needs of its residents and those of the community, and it continues to do so today.


Villa Providence Shediac Inc. is a non-profit organization which distinguishes itself as a long-term care nursing home that offers nursing services and supportive care to local people that meet the necessary admission conditions, while aiming to be an integral part of the community.


For each resident, Villa Providence Shediac Inc., by its interdisciplinary approach, strives to be a warm and reassuring residence, a living environment which facilitates an optimal quality of life by aiming to meet a person’s various needs.

Family Info


Internal visits


Dear family,

Unfortunately, we had to close Colombe unit to visitors last Monday due to a positive result on a rapid Covid test. Since then, we have carried out several other tests on all residents, to our great relief all of them have been negative

We have been authorized to open Colombe unit to visitors from Sunday July 31 from 10:00- 12:00 and 13:00-16:30.

We need your help to protect residents from Covid infection, so an important reminder to wear your mask at all times. Wash your hands and please do not come visit if you have symptoms of Covid or if a member of your immediate family has tested positive for Covid in the past 10 days.

Thank you for your understanding

Villa Providence Shediac Inc.


It is important to note that we struggled at times whether to move dad to live closer to us, the deciding factor was always that dad was “home”, he was surrounded by his culture and familiar voices. It wasn’t until last week that we knew just how much this was to be true, it was far more than just culture and familiar voices, it was the gentle caress, caring words, soft kisses and warm embraces that he was able to experience in every moment.

Joël & Nadine

The Villa Providence Fondation

The Foundation Providence Inc. is a charitable foundation dedicated to raising funds to help seniors, people with physical or mental disabilities and all other institutions whose mission is to serve the most disadvantaged in society.

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