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April 21st, 2021

To all our dear family members:

We are very happy to announce that the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine has been administered to our residents today!!!

In all, we gave 240 doses of vaccines to residents, staff, volunteers and firefighters in our region.  The doses were given over a 5 hour period.

The vaccine was administered by the nurses at Villa Providence and the entire team helped make this day a success as the number of vaccines administered was high with all the logistics surrounding it. Everything had to be done in a short time for the viability of the vaccine!

The administration would like to thank its team for their dedication 😊!


It is important to note that we struggled at times whether to move dad to live closer to us, the deciding factor was always that dad was “home”, he was surrounded by his culture and familiar voices. It wasn’t until last week that we knew just how much this was to be true, it was far more than just culture and familiar voices, it was the gentle caress, caring words, soft kisses and warm embraces that he was able to experience in every moment.

Joël & Nadine

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