Villa Providence Shediac Inc. is a non-profit organization which distinguishes itself as a long-term care nursing home that offers nursing services and supportive care to local people that meet the necessary admission conditions, while aiming to be an integral part of the community.

By its interdisciplinary approach, strives to be a warm and reassuring residence, a living environment which facilitates an optimal quality of life by aiming to meet a person’s various needs.

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The Villa is closed to all visitors as a prevention to the Covid-19


Septembre 1, 2020

Dear families and friends,

We want to assure you, that our priority at all times, whether it's COVID or not, is the health of our residents and employees. We owe it to ourselves at all costs and without exception to ensure that this objective is achieved.

We receive directives from Public Health and the Ministry of Social Services on almost a daily basis and we must analyze them in order to verify if we can apply them, at what level and to verify the impact on the safety of our residents as well as on our employees.  These directives entail many additional tasks for our team.

Our priority, as I mentioned, is the residents in our homes.  At the workforce levels, the government has not supported the additional expenses related to COVID-19. We will continue to fight with all levels of government to resolve this impasse. We will do everything to ensure that the visits continue more frequently than 1 day a week and we are working on a plan. We had people who volunteered to help us, and we thank you! 😊.  

We have received two new public health directives, one of which we can apply but not the other:

1-You are now allowed to take your family member for outings by car, or simply push the wheelchair out of the home and have a picnic. If your visit does not involve risks for the residents, you can take your family member out. If the visit involves a risk such as bringing it to somewhere where they would be exposed to a lot of people, we will have to refuse this outing for his well-being and that of the other residents. We must comply with public health standards. You must wear your mask and avoid the resident being less than 6 feet from others during your outing.  You are responsible for the transfer in your car if your family member cannot transfer themselves.

You must schedule your outings at 532-4484 ext. 309 Monday to Friday from 11AM to 4PM. Before discharge, we need to do your screening and temperature and then we will bring your family member to the door for you to go out together. Your family member should be back in the nursing home by 4:30 PM.

We are currently in an unprecedented predicament and we would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. We work together to protect your loved ones who are the most vulnerable.

Thank you Management Team Villa Providence Shediac Inc








I want to start by saying that the care and concern for each resident was IMPECCABLE each day of our four day visit in May.  Not only were the care givers as tender toward each resident, but also the same way to my wife and I as visitors.  Everyone was so welcoming to us that it made our visit so much more enjoyable.


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